Symbolic Cermonies

Blended Family Vow Ceremony

Blended families are extremely common and many wish to include the children in the ceremony. During this ceremony, vows are spoken from the partner entering the new family. These vows are spoken directly to the child(ren) and speak of guidance, role modelling and encouragement, support and love. You may wish to present the child(ren) with a small symbolic gift (it does not have to be expensive-just meaningful!) after the vows have been shared. Many couples also wish to incorporate the sand ceremony afterwards to include the children even further.

Breaking of the Glass

Breaking of the Glass is a tradition in which the glass or light bulb wrapped in cloth is stepped on by the Groom at the end of the ceremony. Traditionally, this represents both the permanence and frailty of marriage. Mazel tov!

Unity Glass Ceramony

As a lasting alternative to a unity candle or a sand ceremony you are creating a symbolic, highly personal, one of a kind art piece for your home. The process is collaborative and captures your spirit. You’re working together with a highly skilled glass artist to create a work of art that will last a lifetime.

Hand Ceremony

The Hand Ceremony is a hand blessing symbolically bringing two hearts together. It focuses on love, friendship, encouragement and connection to one another’s heart.

Love Letter Ceremony/Wine Box (Time Capsule)

A Love Letter or Wine Box exchange is a romantic ceremony that will enhance your wedding and serve as a lasting reminder of the commitments made to one another. Heart felt letters, encapsulating your thoughts and feelings are locked away to be revealed several years into your marriage. A distinctive way to celebrate your love for one another. Couples may choose to include a bottle of wine/champagne for the big reveal as well as mementoes from the wedding planning and wedding day itself.

Memorial Candle Ceremony

The Memorial Candle Ceremony honours deceased family members. In remembrance of departed loved ones, a single candle or votive remains lit during the ceremony.

Ring Warming Ceremony

Wedding rings are the strongest and most visible sign of the bond these two people are about to make. A commitment to life, to each other and to the future. With a ring warming, the rings will not only be a gift from one to another but will be given with the love, support and wisdom of all present. The rings are passed amongst the family where they each give their blessings upon the rings before being exchanged.

Rose Ceremony

The Rose Ceremony is designed for the couple to offer a rose (or flower of choice) as first gift as married couple. This is a promise of commitment to providing this gift to one another on each wedding anniversary as a reminder of the love and joy felt on the wedding day.

Champagne Ceremony

The Champagne Ceremony is a fantastic way to transition into an evening reception. Champagne flutes are presented to the couple as they make their first toast to one another. Cheers!

Moment of Recognition to Parents

Moment of Recognition to Parents is a time to recognize parents of the married couple. It is a moment to thank them for their love and encouragement over the years.

Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony comes from Native tradition. It is a beautiful and meaningful addition to vows. After the signing of the Alberta Marriage Licence, the couple each takes a vase of sand and pours the sand into larger container. Simply find three containers. You may wish to leave a small amount of sand in each of the two smaller vases to symbolize that although you are now symbolically joined as one, each remain individuals. You may also wish to have pebbles or rocks at the bottom of the larger container symbolizing a solid fountain of your marriage.

The Sand Ceremony is terrific for Blended Family Ceremonies. It allows the children to pour their own sand into the central vase and allows them to feel more involved in the ceremony.

Stone Ceremony

The Stone Ceremony usually involves using highly polished small stones. The stones are presented to guests, family and the wedding party on their arrival. This is yet another great way to involve everyone present. Guests hold these stones and make a loving wish for the couple’s life together. Some couples provide felt tipped pens for the guests and family to write their names and to add their wish. The stones are then collected and placed in a container as a memento.

Rose Ceremony to Mothers

The Rose Ceremony to Mothers of the couple is a beautiful way to pay tribute to the women who have helped to bring you to this moment. it is the perfect way to show your love, appreciation and respect for your mother.

Wine Ceremony

The Wine Ceremony is a symbolic ceremony representing two persons becoming one in such that the couple drinks from the same cup. The wine of your choice is poured into a carafe and is placed on the signing table to breathe through the ceremony. After the Alberta Marriage Licence is signed, the ceremony takes place. Get creative if you wish! The cup may be a chalice, goblet or funky wine glass of your choosing.

Hand Binding Ceremony

Tying the knot is a term we have inherited to describe the marriage of a man to a woman, its ancient roots can be traced back to the tradition of “hand fasting” and today is often referred to as “hand binding”. Around the 15th century the “Clans of Scotland” followed closely by English citizens used the tradition of hand fasting”, to symbolize the joining of two as one.

Unity Candle Ceremony

The Unity Candle Ceremony recognizes the light of love that burns at the heart of every family. Using taper candles to light the “unity” candle, recognizes the joining together of lives, families, and loved ones through the marriage

The Unity Candle Ceremony honours the joining of couples and their families. As part of this service, the Bride and Groom may have one or more of their family members, such as their mothers, each light a candle. The couple then use these candles to light the Unity Candle.

Oathing Stone Ceremony

Originated in Scotland and is when the couple hold their hands together on a stone as they repeat their wedding vows. It is believed that holding the stone during the reading of the vows casts them into stone.

Tree Planting Ceremony

Just as the kinship between Couple needs nurturing, so does this seedling which symbolizes the joining of two families and the start of new life. A wonderful idea to transplant tree into home garden.

Hourglass Ceremony

The joining of two lives is symbolized by a sand ceremony. A unity ceremony is a beautiful, touching part of your wedding day, and this hourglass will be an on-going reminder of shared love!

Community of Support Vow

The Affirmation of Community is where family and friends can voice their support.

Glass Ceremony

Instead of sand, glass crystals will be combined. The process is collaborative and captures your spirit. You’re working together with a highly skilled glass artist to create a work of art that will last a lifetime. You will remember and share the story of your wedding for years to come.

Sunflower Ceremony

After the exchanging of the rings, this is the first gift to each other.  The sunflower represents good luck and lasting happiness.